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servicii de internet bankingAbout BRD@ffice

Are you tired of wasting time in traffic or at the queues from the bank?
Would you like more time to develop your business and in the same time you want to have full control over your daily operations?

BRD Groupe Societe Generale has the perfect solution for you : BRD@ffice, an internet banking service with complex functionalities, maximum security and mobility. With its advantages, BRD@ffice will become your trustfull partner.

Monthly subscription of only

10 EUR


Through BRD@ffice you benefit of :
  • access to your accounts from any computer conected to internet
  • 24h/24 in contact with the bank - 7 days out of 7, 24 hours out of 24 you can be in contact with the bank and can obtain useful information through BRD@ffice
  • SIMPLICITY you handle your accounts and order transactions by simply accessing
    FULL SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY we are using the most advanced security systems for your comfort
    COMPLETE FUNCTIONALITIES you have access to the entire range of current operations which do not involve the usage of cash
    DIFERENTIATED ACCESS you decide which options will be available for each of the employees from your company
    CONTROL TOOLS you can control the activity of the users delegated to use the application and you have the final decision regarding the transactions ordered
    A CHEAPER SERVICE by using BRD@ffice you benefit of fees discounts compared to the banking operations ordered through other channels (in a branch or by phone) and of free account statements, no matter the frequency or the time of their request


    Here is what BRD@ffice can offer you:


    • Account balance inquiry
    • Account statement viewing
    • History of transactions ordered through BRD@ffice


    • You can define the benneficiaries you wish to initiate operations to directly on the website
    • The Beneficiaries can be defined both in the public list, visible to all users, and in the private list, visible only to the user who initiated it
    • You can define the format of display for the hour, date and name of the company
    • Moreover, in case you wish to temporarily block the access to the website, you can do this on-line


    • Transfers in RON through intra/inter banking channels
    • National and international foreign currency transfers
    • Payments of state dues and taxes
    • Payments to the utilities suppliers agreed by the bank
    • Electronic confirmation of Customs payments
    • Foreign exchange : between RON and a foreign currency or "cross-currency"
    • Creating deposits with capitalization in RON, USD, EUR and GBP
    • The transactions can be : SIMPLE, MULTIPLE (one debit and more credits, for example the payment of the salaries to your employees), PERIODIC (Standing Order), PREDEFINED

    ALSO :

    You benefit of a 10% discount to the tranzactions commission, compared to the standard fees and commissions table displayed at the bank’s branches

    • English version of the application
    • Three detailed screens present the transactions ordered through BRD@ffice, their status and offer the possibility to sign, modify, block or delete them
    • You can send secure messages with attachments to the bank
    • You can receive informative messages from the bank
    • The dedicated Help Desk service is at your disposal from Monday to Friday between 8 :30 - 18 :30


    To access the Internet Banking application
    all you need is
    • an internet connection
    • a BRD@ffice subscription contract
    2 available connection devices:

    Both access methods use the SSL 128 bits security protocol, which is the most powerful security standard which ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data sent through Internet.
    • digipass
    • CD with the electronic signature plug-in file


    ATTENTION! - BRD Groupe Societe Generale has not and will never send, under any pretence, e-mail/phone messages to its customers through which it demands their confidential data (card number, PIN, BRD@ffice access password etc.)... details

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