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How can BRD@ffice help me in my daily activity?
BRD@ffice is an internet banking service offered by BRD Groupe Societe Generale which addresses the companies, which gives you access to your accounts without having to go to the bank. By accessing BRD@ffice you can view your account balances, order payments, define beneficiaries directly from your computer, set up deposits and contact the bank through the messaging service. BRD@ffice gives you more time for developing your business, by saving the time lost in traffic or in the queues at the bank.

How can I become a BRD@ffice customer?
It is enough to have an account in RON at BRD Groupe Societe Generale and to visit one of our branches in order to sign the contract for this service. Based on your option you will be handed the digipass for the connection or the plug-in file for the electronic signature.

What are the minimum technical requirements in order to access the BRD@ffice service ?
All you need is a computer connected to the internet and an Internet Explorer version which can support an 128 bits encryption.




How safe is BRD@ffice?
It is as safe as any other channel for cash-in and cash-out operations offered by the bank. The safety of your accounts is our constant preoccupation, this is why the service is using an 128 bits encryption, one of the most advanced technologies available for securing online transactions. The encryption is a process that transforms the confidential information in an unreadable line of characters, before it is sent via internet, ensuring in the same time a safe confidential data transmission channel between the bank’s system and your internet browser.

What do I do in case I lose my digipass or it gets stolen?
It is enough to go to the branch where you signed the contract and you will receive a new digipass. For this digipass you will pay a 20 EUR commission.

What do I do if I receive an email where I am asked my user and password for the BRD@ffice application ?
The Bank will never ask you for your connection data in any other way than on the official www.brdoffice.ro webpage. Any such request must be considered a fraud attempt and must be immediately reported to the bank. Do not introduce your identification data anywhere else.




How can I connect to the BRD@ffice application ?
It is enough to type www.brdoffice.ro in an internet browser and check the connection solution you chose when you signed the contract:
1) connection through username and digipass;
2) connection through electronic signature.

What is the difference between the digipass connection and the electronic signature connection?
Both connection methods are equally safe, but the digipass offers you the freedom to access your accounts from any computer without having to install any software, while the electronic signature connection requires the previous installation of a file received from the bank. This plug-in file can be installed as many times and on any computer you wish.

Do I have to access BRD@ffice only on a certain computer ?
You can access this service from any computer connected to the internet. In case you are using electronic signature you have to install first the plug-in file received from the bank when you signed the contract.




In case I have questions or problems regarding the access to and use of the BRD@ffice service, who can I address to?
A Help Desk center dedicated to the BRD@ffice customers is at your disposal. Please call 021 601 45 45 and a counselor will answer to all the questions related to this service. The Help Desk working hours are from Monday to Friday between 8:30 – 18:30.

What can I do if I want to include/exclude an account in/from the BRD@ffice application ?
It is enough to go to the branch where you signed the contract and a counselor will be at your disposal.

Is there a maximum number of users per contract ?
NO, there is no maximum number of users. It is your decision how many people you would like to give access to.

What do I do in case I want to cancel the BRD@ffice contract?
It is enough to go to the branch where you signed the contract and require to cancel it.

What type of accounts can I view on the BRD@ffice portal ?
You can view all your current accounts and deposits in RON, USD, EUR and GBP.

Can I make transactions at night or on weekends ?
Because BRD@ffice is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, you can order transactions at night and on weekends (except deposits and foreign exchange), but they will be processed by our system in the next banking working day.

Can I order foreign currency payments to other banks in Romania or abroad ?
You can order payments to any beneficiary, no matter the bank where his account is opened, provided that you respect the foreign exchange regime regulations and know the minimum details with which the transfer can be finalized (name of the beneficiary, account number, and, if the case, the SWIFT code of the bank where the account is opened).

Can I pay my bills (e.g. Vodafone, Orange, Romtelecom, etc) if I don't know the supplier's account ?
For your confort we introduced a list of suppliers in the payments module, where you can find both the supplier’s account, as well as the mandatory fields that need to be completed in order to pay the bill. Simple and efficient, your bills will be always paid on time and without any errors.

Can I create payment templates ?
BRD@ffice allows you to save templates for both RON and foreign currency payments. They are easy to use and they help you save time when introducing a payment.

What is the maximum number of beneficiaries I can define on BRD@ffice?
You can define any number of beneficiaries.

What is the difference between public and private beneficiaries?
The public beneficiaries can be viewed by all users defined on a contract, whilst the private beneficiaries are visible only to the users that defined them.

How can I check if a transfer has been made?
After ordering a payment you can view and print the details of the payment by clicking the “PDF Version” button or the in the account balance from the Reporting menu. Also, you can check if the account balance diminished with the amount ordered. Please bear in mind that between ordering the payment and the account balance update there may be small delays due to the payment processing time in the bank’s system.

Can I give a user the right to order transactions only from certain accounts ?
YES, you can define the rights of each user differentiated, it is enough to complete the Annex 1 to the Internet Banking contract.

What is the exchange rate for a foreign exchange operation ?
The exchange rate used for BRD@ffice foreign exchange operations is the official BRD exchange rate from the moment you order the transaction. The payment must be ordered taking into consideration the limit hours for this type of transactions. The foreign exchanges ordered after the cut-off-time will be rejected by the application.




What is the monthly fee for this service ?
The monthly commission for this product is 10 EUR/month. This commission will be automatically debited on a monthly basis from the current account in RON and will be calculated at the NBR exchange rate in the day of its charging. In case you choose the connection through digipass, in the day of its receival you will pay a one time digipass fee of 20 EUR.

Do I have a discount for the payments commissions if I order them though internet banking?
Yes. Because you chose this way to make your daily transactions, we repay you with a 10% discount from the normal transactions fee. The fees and commission tables can be found in any BRD Groupe Societe Generale branch.



ATTENTION! - BRD Groupe Societe Generale has not and will never send, under any pretence, e-mail/phone messages to its customers through which it demands their confidential data (card number, PIN, BRD@ffice access password etc.)... details

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