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The safety of your accounts is our constant preoccupation, this is why the service is using an 128 bits encryption, one of the most advanced technologies available for securing online transactions. The encryption is a process that transforms the confidential information in an unreadable line of characters, before it is sent via internet, ensuring in the same time a safe confidential data transmission channel between the bank's system and your internet browser.


You can easily check if you are on a secure website : the letter "s" must always appear in the address bar of your browser after "http". Therefore, the website address where you have access to your accounts must start with:

When you move from a secure page (https) to an insecure one (http), your browser will post a warning message. DO NOT introduce your identification data after receiving such a message.



When you access your accounts or wish to order a transfer, you can check the security certificate of the website:

For Internet Explorer, from the File menu choose the Properties option;;
In the windows that opens check if the "Connection" section contains the parameters of the security solution used: SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (High); RSA with 1024 bit exchange;
Press the "Certificates" button and check if the certificate issued has the following characteristics: Issued to: ; Issued by: Secure Server Certification Authority;
Check if the "Certification Path" window contains: VeriSign/RSA Secure Server CA and This certification is valid.



BRD Groupe Societe Generale will never ask you for your BRD@ffice identification data. Also you will never receive sms or e-mails through which you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked your BRD@ffice identification data. Any such initiative will be considered a fraud and must be reported immediately to the Help Desk team;

In case you are frequently connecting to BRD@ffice at Internet Cafes make sure that all your sessions will be closed using the LOGOFF function. All Internet Explorer and Modzilla browsers have user and password saving functions for any application accessed. For your safety please check to see if they are unchecked.

It is preferable, but not mandatory, that you install a Firewall and an antivirus application on the computer where you use BRD@ffice.

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ATTENTION! - BRD Groupe Societe Generale has not and will never send, under any pretence, e-mail/phone messages to its customers through which it demands their confidential data (card number, PIN, BRD@ffice access password etc.)... details

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