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I agree to both the processing by the Bank of my personal data, in marketing direct purposes, for commercial communications by using automatically calling systems without human interventions, through fax or e-mail or any other method that uses electronically communications services meant to the public, as well as to the Bank to disclose these data to its contractual partners, service providers, legal persons within Societe Generale in such a purpose. If for any reason you do not agree anymore to the processing of your personal data or disclosing them to third parties you have the right to issue a denial through a written request sent by recommended letter to: BRD - Groupe Societe Generale, 1-7 Ion Mihalache, Bld, district 1, Bucharest, att: TERPEZAN TABARA Andreea Gabriela.

What is the difference between Corporate and Individual investors?

Due to exchange rules prices differs between a private and professional investors. In order to obtain access you must confirm your investor type as defined below:

Individual investor
A natural person (and not a corporation, partnership, proprietorship or any other entity whatsoever) who does not perform and is not in any other way engaged in giving investment services.

Corporate investor
A corporation, partnership, proprietorship or any other entity whatsoever is a corporate user even if they do not run investment services. A natural person involved in giving investment services. The definition of "giving investment services" is: "Being authorized to give investment services or registered with SEC (or authorities with similar functions in other countries)".

Please Note
Corporate, who identify themselves as Individual Investors risk liability for all uncollected exchange fees, may have their data rights revoked and are in violation of federal law. The subscriber assumes all liability for declaring status as a Professional Investor or Private Investor and will be held accountable for all applicable penalties and / or exchange fees.